PSINK - Preclinical Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge Base

Using artificial intelligence for medical knowledge extraction


About us

Funded by the BMBF (German Federal Ministery For Education and Research)

PSINK is a research initiative by the Universities Düsseldorf and Bielefeld with the aim of using artificial intelligence (AI) methods to extract and structure scientific data from medical research publications. Collaboration partners are the Department for Neurology at the University Clinics Düsseldorf, the Center for Neuronal Regeneration (CNR e.V.), the Institute for Quantitative and Theoretical Biology (QTB) and the Coordination Center for Clinical Studies (KKS) at the University Düsseldorf, the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) at the University Bielefeld, and, as associated partner, the Institute for Machine Learning at the University Bielefeld.


PSINK Meeting in Düsseldorf, Article in Trade Talk Journal, April 2019

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Please watch the informative short video on the outline and goal of our project.


PSINK project description

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Publication flood in medical research


Project Aims

Decision support for clinical translation

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Last update: 14.10.2020


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